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An Overview of the Climate in Michigan

The lakes in Michigan, which cover more than 40% of the state, influence its weather. This part of the United States has a continental climate characterized by high humidity. Northern regions are colder with the annual temperatures averaging 3 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. These regions have shorter summers.

The southern part of the state is warmer, with annual temperatures in the range of 18 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Michigan experiences frequent snowing in winter. Spring and summer have temperatures that would be ideal for indulging in outdoor activities. Winters are usually preferred for activities such as ice-skating, skiing, and ice-fishing.

1. Summer

The water bodies in Michigan that warm slowly during summer make the temperatures quite pleasant. This American state rarely experiences exhausting heat during summers. This is why this time of the year is a peak tourist season. Precipitation is almost never seen and the state experiences a good weather.

Average high temperatures may rise to 82 degrees Fahrenheit during July. People usually prefer lakeside recreational activities and participate in local festivities during this season. If you’re in Michigan in summer you can also consider visiting the coastal theme parks.

2. Fall

The natural beauty in many places of the state are at their charming best during fall. September would be a good time to explore this state as the month has average highs of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The month of September is pleasantly warm. During October, the temperatures drop to about 59 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets even cooler in November with the temperatures around 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperatures might get a bit chilly owing to winds and humidity. Michigan experiences a transitional phase during mid-fall. Hunters will have the opportunity for some fantastic adventures during fall, as it is a hunting season. They can take the obligatory permissions to have a wonderful time in the state in fall.

3. Winter

The average temperatures drop to nearly 27 degrees Fahrenheit during winter. Those who like a warm atmosphere won’t enjoy the winter in Michigan at all. If you go by the thermometer, humid air often feels colder in this season. Winter brings some excellent opportunities for those adventurous individuals who dare to venture out in the cold.

They can enjoy ice-skating or skiing on the lakes that are frozen. Ice fishing is yet another popular winter-time activity in this state. Winter is milder in Michigan owing to the impact of lakes cooling slowly. Nevertheless, the state does experience snowfalls.

4. Spring

The first month of spring brings the possibility of temperatures dropping slightly below 0 to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Owing to high humidity, March experiences a moderately cold weather. This may have an impact on weather for the entire year. Things get better in the later months. The average temperatures reach 68 degrees Fahrenheit by May.

Rains are quite rare in this season and mostly fall only on a day or two every month. The weather during early and mid-spring is not suitable for outdoor activities and winter-time entertainment options are not available. Most of the residents, therefore, prefer to enjoy some indoor activities. You’ll find some outdoor activities like boating and hiking available in late-May.

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